Uses for Granite in Your Home

Home renovation? Why should you choose granite? Granite is one of the oldest and most reliable natural stone options for countertops, floor tiles, fireplace surrounds, and more. Practically everyone has heard of it but few really know the unique characteristics that make it much sought-after building material. This article seeks to inform you of all […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages between solid stone, laminate, granite, and quartz? Written by: Lorna Glasser owner of Bevelled Edge, a Regina, Saskatchewan countertop business who specializes in granite, laminate, quartz countertops, sinks, taps, tiles, and cabinet refacing to Regina, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding area. Here she writes about the advantages and disadvantages between laminate, granite, and quartz. Solid […]

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Warranty Provisions -Bevelled Edge

WHAT DOES YOUR WARRANTY COVER? Warranty Coverages- Lorna Glasser owner of The Bevelled Edge a Regina, Saskatchewan countertop business that specializes in laminate, granite, quartz, tile, and other home updates gives her expert advice.  ►Suppliers of countertop material warranty their product against flaws or defects at the time of purchase. The Bevelled Edge carefully inspects all […]

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Renovation Give your kitchen or bathroom a renovation or “Face-Lift” by The Bevelled Edge located in Regina Saskatchewan. Renovations on your mind? The Bevelled Edge offers One stop shopping for your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Countertops, tiles for backsplash, cabinet refacing, cabinet hardware, sinks and faucets, and more. Services we can offer: Tiling, cabinetry, countertops, […]

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Granite and Quartz Colours

START OFF BY LOOKING AT SOME COLOURS AND PATTERNS! Granite and Quartz Colours, pick them out online then ask for a current sample. If you want to pre-plan your colour scheme, we have pictures of your ideal countertop to go with your colour scheme.

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