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It’s Black in Design!


A touch of black can add intrigue, sophistication and even mystery to a decorating scheme suggests Lorna Glasser, owner of The Bevelled Edge in Regina Saskatchewan a granite, quartz, and laminate countertop company.


“Designers have often told me that every room should have at least a touch of black. In the last two years the colour has become very popular in decorating. Check out the latest home decorating magazines. Black is no longer relegated to accessories and trim. It is being used extensively in cabinetry, flooring, countertops and paint. Browse the attached pictures and see how much black you are comfortable with.”

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Black has a grounding effect that gives the eye a place to rest. When you have too many light and airy colours with nothing to ground them they can almost appear to be floating. It can be confusing to the eye. You don’t need to have a lot of it, just enough to tie things together.

BlackA colour that used to be reserved for candle holders and book ends is blowing up to make beautiful dramatic statements in interior design. It can be used on a home’s architectural elements and character features. Picture the drama of a black fireplace surrounds or black moldings in a coffered ceiling. You’re now seeing full black accent walls, wall papers, vault beams and more.

If you have an uninspired room or if you’re looking to add a slight change to a room you already have consider adding an accent of black.


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