Post-Form Laminate Countertops

Starting at

$27 per square foot

Post-form laminate countertops are a great choice when your project is price-focused and you are working with standard sizes and colours. There are three price levels: regular, special, and ultra.

Post-form countertops are straight pieces assembled together to make the shape of your counters.

Every inside corner has a mitre joint (example photos below). A continuous 3” backsplash is also an option, at no extra cost.

We work with post-form laminate products from Belanger Laminates. You can visit their website to see post-form colour options and the six available edges here. Please note that Belanger’s listed edges Ora, Tivoli, and Valencia are considered “upgraded” edges and have a higher cost than that of the edges 2100, 2300, and 2700, considered “standard” edges. All edge profiles are only on the front and all other exposed ends are flat-capped. Clipping corners is not standard.

Our standard lead time is two weeks, though custom colours will have increased time and cost.

If speed is your priority, we also currently keep eight post-form laminate options in-stock and can have supply-only counters ready within a week. These in-stock colours are also from Belanger Laminates and are shown below:

Basalt Slate

Elemental Concrete

Jamocha Granite

Butterum Granite

Argento Romano

Arctic Snow

White Carrara


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