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Bevelled Edge Countertops

Based out of Regina, Saskatchewan

The Bevelled Edge has had a few different locations in Regina before we made 1145 Rose Street home.

“Family” really is at the heart of our business. While Neil and Grant run the show now, our mom and dad started the Bevelled Edge with intending to leave a legacy for us. Today, we manage the business and offer our expertise on everything related to countertops, cabinets, and surfaces. While we sadly lost dad in February 2019, we think he would have been proud of the new, more precise technology we’ve invested in, and of our continued commitment to hassle-free experiences for our customers.

Our staff has expertise and training in multiple areas of the business, including sales, measurements, estimating, fabrication, and installation.

Our Team

Staff photo, left to right: Donnie, Neil, Tyler, Dave, Joe, Brendan, Rob, Josh, Grant.
Computer Engineering graduate and Regina Cathedral area resident, middle brother Neil loves to see technology and art come together. He is straightforward, to the point, and considers our new computer-controlled cutting tool his baby. Neil’s often found in the showroom, but has worked in all areas of the Bevelled Edge.
Dad of three girls and Kronau resident, youngest brother Grant seems to be able to build just about anything. With exceptional attention to detail, patience for days, and his great sense of humour, you’re in good hands with Grant. He’s also worked in all areas of the business and is presently focused on cabinet refacing.
Lorna has an eye for design and finishing touches. Currently she mostly works behind the scenes, but we still rely on her to monitor the company’s operations and provide advice on business management.
Wolsely resident and another “girl dad,” Tyler is our longest-term employee, and certainly considered one of the family. He’s experienced in many areas of the business and recognizes the importance of good relations. When it’s time to measure, it’s almost always Ty coming by, with our high-tech proliner digital measure in tow.

To provide Southern Saskatchewan residents with trustworthy advice about their countertops and cabinets, expertly creating surfaces that work for them.


To sustain a safe, stable, and family-focused environment for our employees. We aim to extend that compassion to our customers and to our community.


Form, Function, Family
Form: does it have visual appeal? Function: does it do what it’s supposed to? Family: does it work for everyone who has to use it?


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