Everything You Need to Know About Our Process

Step One

Prepare for

Your Visit

Make a sketch of your future countertop, with rough dimensions and where walls and other features are (i.e., fridge, stove, etc.). A visit to the showroom is intended to select colour and complete your product consultation. To get to a price estimate, we need a material (custom laminate, post-form laminate, or stone) and a colour. Colours within the brands are typically in categories (e.g., regular, special, ultra), so colours in the same category are generally the same price.

Step Two



One of our first questions will be what material you’re thinking of, meaning stone or laminate. Budget is usually an important factor of this, though laminate can create high-priced looks if that is the style you are looking for. We can build your quote before you have picked an exact colour, based on the product category. If you aren’t sure, that’s exactly why you should come to the showroom and have a consultation.

Step Three

Get a


We will quote based on your drawing and product selection. The quote is valid for 180 days. When building a quote, we do so based on the following information:

  1. Product material (i.e., stone vs. laminate)
  2. Installed vs supplied only (supply-only is generally not applicable with stone)
  3. Colour
  4. Edge (sometimes called profile)
  5. Backsplash selection
  6. Whether we are removing old countertops
  7. Whether we are moving your stove
  8. Mileage if outside of Regina

Other considerations for cost when it comes to laminate is whether it is post-form or custom-built and the category (regular, special, or ultra). We also ask about buildup, which has to do with edge overhang. You can see an example of edge buildup here.

Other considerations for cost when it comes to stone is whether you will add a waterfall edge and the category (entry, mid-range, or high level).

Step Four

Deposit &


We ask for a 50% deposit at time of booking. At that time, we will book your final measurement appointment and installation dates, if you’re ready to do so. We need a minimum of a week between measuring and installing. Now is a good time to book your plumber for your plumbing disconnect and reconnect. For kitchen projects, we charge extra to move your stove ($95), so if you are unable to do it, you should book this as well if we are not.

Step Five

We Take


All cabinets and alterations to base cabinets must be complete for measure day. On measure day, your old countertops need to be cleaned off (appliances removed, etc.). We will also assess if your stove will need to be moved. Our measurer needs to have a clear line of sight to the walls. This process takes about an hour. If the counters are dried off, that is also appreciated.

Step Six

We Complete

The Installation

On installation day, your countertops should be cleaned off and the cabinets need to be emptied out so the installers can access below. Your plumbing needs to have been disconnected (water supply lines and drains disconnected, functioning water shut off), and possibly your stove moved (our measurer will let you know). Sinks and faucets being reused need to be removed, but if you are discarding them then they can be left in place and disconnected. If these are not disconnected, we will reschedule installation day.

Most jobs are finished within a day. The installers will take final payment upon completion and your inspection. You can pay the installer onsite with credit card or cheque, The showroom accepts etransfer and debit as well.

Photos and feedback are always appreciated, and if you want to want to share your project story with us, please send them to lindsay@btops.ca or post a Google review.

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