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People are shifting priorities to achieve their own personal satisfaction and enjoyment. They are becoming savvier and educated about the style, substance, and value of investments they make In their homes.

Written by: Lorna Glasser owner of Bevelled Edge a Regina, Saskatchewan countertop business 

The Bevelled Edge a family-owned business provides granitelaminatequartz countertops, sinks, tapstiles and cabinet refacing to Regina, Saskatchewan and the surrounding area. GS Global Suppliers Group is one of our suppliers. In this article, we talk about how people are shifting priorities in home renovations.

granite-Shifting priorities

More and more we see that the priority is shifting to countertops. Kitchen renovations can involve an amalgam of individual projects that work together to give the overall look that a homeowner is trying to achieve. Everything from paint to flooring to cabinetry to countertops to sinks and faucets is involved. Usually, the customer has a feel for what the centrepiece of their kitchen will be, and all other features work together to achieve the desired effect.

When a person enters a room for the first time there is always something that catches your attention. A new countertop has the ability to create the appeal and/or the “wow” factor that home and business owners are looking for. There are many new products, colours and finishes developed each year that bring countertops to the forefront in any room renovation.

granite-Shifting priorities

Many of our customers want a makeover but are not prepared to replace perfectly good cabinets, just because they are dated. Instead, they choose to put new doors or hardware on cabinets or paint them with one of many artistic new finishes. They choose new countertops as the focus of the room. There are many looks that can be achieved with different combinations of colour and material. The countertop can set the tone for the whole room and leave plenty of options for coordinating other features. Countertop professionals will help you choose a product that fits your style, comfort zone and price range.

Customers are becoming savvier and educated about the style, substance and value of investments they make in their home. They realize that kitchen and bath renovations provide the best percentage return on the resale of the property. They also know that these are two rooms that can provide them with the most personal satisfaction and enjoyment because they are used all the time. For a relatively minor investment, they can give the room a major face-lift.

Shifting Priorities

Increasingly, people are becoming willing to invest larger amounts to have the very best that the industry offers. There are products available that should last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance. The staff of The Bevelled Edge Countertops has seen a huge increase in the sales of Engineered Stone (Quartz) countertops. It has its own appeal and attractive qualities. We strongly suggest that you deal with a dedicated countertop business where the staff has the best product knowledge and experience in fabrication and installation.

No matter what your tastes or desires, don’t hesitate to call us (306-790-8488) and talk about your plans.

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