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Knobs and Handles

Knobs and Handles from The Bevelled Edge in Regina, Sk. is exactly what you need to finish off your kitchen or bathroom.

Knobs and Handles

Adding a new knob or handle to a new or old cabinet can change the entire look of your kitchen or bathroom!

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Some of our high quality brands include:

knobs and handlesknobs and handles


How To Choose The Right Hardware For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since most kitchen cabinets are not sold with hardware, it’s up to homeowners to decide which knobs and pulls to pair with their selection. This is not always the easiest decision, since there are so many unique styles and finishes to choose from. To help you on your search for the perfect hardware for your kitchen cabinets, here are some tips to follow.

1. Stick with the theme. The hardware you choose speaks to your theme in the same way your kitchen cabinets do. Which hardware works best with different themes?

2. Keep finishes cohesive. You’ll find hardware in a range of finishes from brushed nickel to brass. While mixing and matching the hardware around your kitchen is fine, you should try to maintain the same finish and keep colors as close as possible. Make sure you keep finishes cohesive.

3. Know when to use knobs over pulls. In traditional and country kitchens, putting a knob on a cabinet is not uncommon. In fact, with many cabinets, knobs may a better option than pulls. How do you know the difference? When kitchen cabinets are ornate or finely detailed, go with a knob rather than a pull. A knob is smaller and simpler and doesn’t take attention away from the design of the cabinets.

4. Consider the color of your kitchen cabinets. The color of your cabinets is as important as the style when choosing hardware. With white and painted cabinets, almost any finish will work but some shades of brown are not as flexible.

Be aware of the appliances and fixtures in the kitchen.
5. Be aware of the appliances and fixtures in the kitchen.
 Pulls and knobs are not the only hardware in your kitchen. Take into account the finish on appliances, light fixtures, and your sink and faucet. While mixing metal finishes is trendy right now in kitchen design, be sure not to overdo it. If the colors clash, it could disrupt the cohesiveness of your kitchen and take away from the beauty of your new cabinets.

6. Don’t overlook quality. The hardware in your kitchen sees a lot of traffic. Don’t put so much importance on look that you forget about quality. You want hardware to be sturdy, strong and easy to hold onto.

7. Step outside of the box. Your standard hardware will come in finishes like gun metal, brushed nickel, and bronze but it’s okay to go with something out of the ordinary. Glass or mirrored hardware can work equally as well, and can add a creative touch to your kitchen.

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*Tips taken from RTAStore



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