Old Oak Refresh


Projet Summary

This family’s kitchen had mostly oak, with some white features that were fresh-looking but out-of-place against the old oak. Hanging cabinets on the peninsula cut the kitchen and dining area apart, making the space look smaller and somewhat cramped. Eliminating the hanging cabinets opened the space up visually but would mean a loss of storage. A custom-built tall pantry cabinet near the serving area added about 25% more storage than what the hanging cabinets provided.

The addition of an over-the-range microwave and a larger fridge meant modifications to the upper and lower cabinets and the countertop. Some centre rails in the cabinets were removed, making them more functional. A hopper-style opening was added to shorter cabinets to keep them accessible. The use of white throughout gives the kitchen a bright, open, and airy feeling after this kitchen refacing project.

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