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Written by: Lorna Glasser owner of Bevelled Edge a Regina, Saskatchewan countertop business who specializes in laminate, granite, quartz, tile and other home updates.

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Warranty Provisions

 ►Suppliers of countertop material warranty their product against flaws or defects at the time of purchase. The Bevelled Edge carefully inspects all products before they are cut. It is very difficult to obtain warranty coverage on material defect once the top has been fabricated. There is a one year time limit for notification to The Bevelled Edge or the supplier about any factory defects in the material.

►The Bevelled Edge Countertops warranties the fabrication and installation of their countertops. There is a one year time limit for notification of any noticeable deficiencies to The Bevelled Edge.

►Under mount ring warranty is in effect for 5 years excluding damage from leaking faucets, improperly installed food disposal unit or excessive weight applied to the sink.

►Exclusions to all warranty coverage

  1. Damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse
  2. Damage caused by heat, corrosive chemicals or abrasive substances
  3. Separation of seams due to change in humidity, shifting of the walls/foundation or laminate shrinkage over time.
  4. Damage caused by water from any source.

►Warranty covers the material and / or fabrication but does not cover any additional cost incurred in order to facilitate the replacement. One example is plumbing.

►Natural stone does not carry warranty coverage. Stone can be inherent with flaws that are not visible at the time of installation. It is not uncommon for particulates or fine shale to dislodge from the surface. Fine cracks or fissures can open over time.

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