The Bevelled Edge has many new products, colours and finishes developed each year that bring countertops to the forefront in your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovations can involve an amalgam of individual projects that work together to give the overall look that a homeowner is trying to achieve. Everything from paint to flooring to cabinetry to countertops to sinks and faucets is involved. Usually, the customer has a feel for what the centerpiece of their kitchen will be, and all other features work together to achieve the desired effect. More and more we see that the priority is shifting to countertops. Read More on our blog

No matter what your tastes or desires, don’t hesitate to call us (306-790-8488) and talk about your plans.

Have we done work in your house? A lot of the time we don’t get a chance to take pictures of our work.  We would love to see your pictures of work we’ve done on your renovation (Pre and post if possible). Sending your pictures to The Bevelled Edge is tacit approval for the company to use the pictures in advertising their product. We love to show off our work!