Caesarstones New Pebbles Collection


Pebbles Collection by Caesarstone at The Bevelled Edge Regina

Pebbles shaped by Nature


The symbol of constant creation

Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection traces the movement of water and wind on stone, offering five new sustainable surfaces that nurture comfort and calm by bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain to the heart of your home.


A handful of nature

The collection’s five pebble-inspired designs feature a dynamic palette of warm, grey monochromes laced with softer hues, creating distinctive textures that trace the everlasting path of the pebble, encapsulating a heartfelt appreciation for nature.


The memory of movement on earth

Three new vivid designs expand our nature-inspired portfolio and reveal the play of the elements across infinite landscapes, exposing metamorphic rock with mysterious mineral weathering, to connect every home with nature’s heart.

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