The Bevelled Edge can provide you with more choices of materials, colours, and patterns for your bathroom than ever.

Stop dealing with an outdated bathroom. If you are unhappy with your bathroom, then this is a good reason for remodeling. Counters typically see a lot less wear and tear than kitchen counters, but consider materials that are more likely to resist stains, chips, and water damage unless the counter is for a powder room or guest bathroom. A good countertop is the right blend of aesthetics and durability that’s sufficient to meet the demands of how you live.

Have we done work in your house? A lot of the time we don’t get a chance to take pictures of our work.  We would love to see your pictures of work we’ve done on your renovation (Pre and post if possible). Sending your pictures to The Bevelled Edge is tacit approval for the company to use the pictures in advertising their product. We love to show off our work!

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