Add a tile Backsplash to your new granite, quartz or laminate countertop from The Bevelled Edge in Regina, Sk.

Tile Backsplash options are available to view in store or you can look at our distributor’s sites. We offer an assortment of styles, starting at $3.99/sq ft.

Tile is an easy way to add some colour to your new kitchen or update an existing look. The Bevelled Edge is a proud distributor of Julian Tile and Saltillo Tile. Expert installation is also available.

Backsplash -Bevelled Edge Regina Sk Granite, Quartz, laminate

 The use of a kitchen backsplash can be a great idea for you if you are planning to do some remodeling to your home. If your kitchen currently only has bare walls, you’ll also delight in the easy clean-up a smart backsplash provides. Various tile materials are available in an almost endless array of styles, colours, shapes, and sizes.